Behind the Scenes

I really enjoy seeing plays. Whether it is a Broadway show or amateur acting, live theatre is one of my guilty pleasures. There is something about a story coming to life on stage that I love! In professional shows,  I love the costumes and watching the actors/actresses sing and dance their way through a storyline. It amazes me that they are flawless in their performances. In Broadway shows, the live orchestras are incredible! Their productions are impeccable. The way the music resonates through the audience is exhilarating. The musicians are in perfect sync, setting the tone for the storyline. The orchestra enhances the mood of the performance and creates excitement, drama, and suspense. Without the music, the plays would be more dull than exhilarating. As members of the audience, our job is to sit back and enjoy the show. What we don’t see is what’s happening in the background. What … Read more

Enjoy the Moment

Are you an, “Oh I hate Mondays.” and “It’s finally Friday!” kind of person? For you Monday signifies the beginning of a long week at work and Friday means the weekend has arrived and you are free to do whatever your heart desires. I’m not really that kind of person. I do love my job(s) and I enjoy being with my work friends. Don’t get me wrong, there are some days that are long and grueling to the point where I am ready to be off of work and home relaxing. Sometimes those days happen all week long. By the end of my shift, I am ready to go. Looking for the next weekend or the next season can be exhausting. It is important to sit back and enjoy where you are at the moment. Instead of saying, “Ugh! It’s Monday. I have to go to work” (said with an … Read more