Gift Wrapping

Christmas is full of colors of reds, greens, silvers, and golds. Lights are twinkling like stars from rooftops and Christmas trees. Poinsettias, mistletoe, and holly are plants that fill the season. Bells jingle outside of stores and family and friends gathering together to share meals and exchange gifts. Christmastime is here! I used to be terrible at wrapping gifts. Everyone in my family always knew which gifts I wrapped because they were usually crumpled and held down with miles and miles of tape. However, I have a friend, known as the “Gangsta Wrapper,” who is notorious for her gift wrapping skills. I strive to be as skilled as her when it comes to picking the perfect wrapping paper and ornaments that will decorate the gifts that I prepare. While my wrapping has improved over the years, her level of creativity is still lost on me. Maybe one day I will … Read more