Treasures in Snow

I missed my post last week because, like most other people, I was caught in the whirlwind of change set in motion by a pandemic. The classes that I teach at UA Little Rock suddenly had to go one-hundred-percent online. Online instruction is not the best way for some classes to be taught successfully and American Sign Language is one of those courses. Plans that I had for my own research projects went awry because my observations were set to take place in the community. That means that I have to rethink both of my projects and I’m more than halfway through the spring semester. If I dwell on it too much, I really start feeling sorry for myself.  While I can complain about the stress that I have been experiencing over the past two weeks, what I am going through pales in comparison when I consider what other people … Read more


You never said it would be easyYou never said I wouldn’t fallYou never told me that trials wouldn’t comeOr that my back would never be against the wall But you said run this race with patienceYou said endure until the endYou said no weapon formed against me would ever prosperYou even called me your dearest friend You didn’t say that pain would never happenYou didn’t say that storms would never rageBut you said you would never leave me lonelyAnd You’ll always come through and make a way Your word is “Yea and Amen”What you said will come to passYou’re not slack concerning Your promisesYour every word is meant to last So I’m gonna stand up on your promise I’m gonna claim the work is doneI’ll declare that it is i settled And the battle is already won