Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

When I was a little girl, my mother and I would tease each other about which one of us loved the other person the most. It would start with one of us saying, “I love you more than you love me.” Then the other would respond with, “No! I love YOU more than you love me!” It was a simple way that we expressed our love. She would meet me at my little child like expression of love. I now enjoy doing this with my 4 year old niece. We have changed it to match our own personalities. It usually goes something like this: Me: I love you more than you love me! AL: No, I love you more. Me: I love you infinity. AL: I love you infinity more. Me: You can’t go more than infinity. AL: Yeah huh! We have done this so many times that she now … Read more

On Every Side

There are times when life doesn’t seem to be its best. Everywhere that you turn there’s disappointment and distress. The adversary’s fighting. He says, “You’ll never win.” The oppression is so heavy, you feel like giving in. Let me remind you The battle may be raging on every side, but the Lord will be right there. Your every need He will supply. Don’t give up on Jesus and never let go; even though you’re afraid and you’ve lost your hope. When the battle is raging On every side. The Lord already promised He will be there for you. If you keep on believing He will see you through. Don’t even consider giving up on The Lord. Be steadfast in praying and all you’ve lost will be restored. Now if you’re discouraged and you feel you can’t go on, endure until the morning. That’s when the joy will come. Then you … Read more