The Mother of Us All

Chubby little hands held my swollen face, deep hazel eyes looked earnestly into mine, “Mommy, I don’t care how fat or skinny you are, I still love you and think you’re pretty!” The words of my firstborn son melted my heart. Our third child was on the way and it seemed as though nothing could relieve the angst or discomfort, until those words were spoken. In his eyes, mother would always be perfect. Mother, so much sentiment wrapped up in one word. Often we think of the gentleness, tenderness, the nurture only a mother can give. Mothers always know. They know what is needed, when. Mothers can look at the faces of their children and know. They read the hurt, decipher the thoughts, sense the deep and intimate, translate the unspoken. The lady that brought each of us into the world has perhaps the biggest heart, for she loves each … Read more