On Every Side

There are times when life
doesn’t seem to be its best.
Everywhere that you turn
there’s disappointment and distress.
The adversary’s fighting.
He says, “You’ll never win.”
The oppression is so heavy,
you feel like giving in.
Let me remind you

The battle may be raging
on every side,
but the Lord will be right there.
Your every need He will supply.
Don’t give up on Jesus
and never let go;
even though you’re afraid
and you’ve lost your hope.
When the battle is raging
On every side.

The Lord already promised
He will be there for you.
If you keep on believing
He will see you through.
Don’t even consider
giving up on The Lord.
Be steadfast in praying
and all you’ve lost will be restored.

Now if you’re discouraged
and you feel you can’t go on,
endure until the morning.
That’s when the joy will come.
Then you will say

There are blessings
on every side.
The Lord was right there,
my every need He did supply.
I held on to Jesus
and never let go.
What I lost is now restored.
He’s given me new hope.
and now there are blessings
On every side.

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