Overwhelm Me

It’s been a long time since
I felt you close.
My soul is dry and weary, Lord.
Refresh me, Holy Ghost.

I have been distracted
By all of my responsibilities.
School, work, deadlines, and more
All push me beyond my capabilities.

Yes, I am overwhelmed
By all of life’s cares.
I long to be overcome by you.
This is my desire; my only prayer.

I know the fullness of you
Man cannot contain,
But one glimpse of Your glory, Lord,
Will renew me again

Overwhelm me with Your Presence.
Saturate me with Your Love.
Let me feel your anointing, Lord.
Sweet Jesus, Heavenly Dove.
Overwhelm me.

2 thoughts on “Overwhelm Me”

  1. Katelyn, This poem is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart. This piece would make a beautiful song…..as the cry of a hungry heart seeking Him… I love you! Vikki


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