My Mother is an Angel

My mother is an angel!
Some may say that this is impossible,
but I know that it is true.
Now, let me tell you how I know.

When I am sad, she knows exactly how to make me happy.
When I cry, she wipes my tears away.
She is the ear that hears my every word,
and from her mouth comes great words of wisdom.
When I am down, she speaks encouragement.
When I am lost, she is my guide.
When I am sick, she is my nurse.
She is the one I lean on when I do not have the strength to stand alone,
and when I become too weak to stand, her arms extend to hold me.

She is my cheerleader when I cannot seem to go on,
and my counselor when I need answers.
When I cannot pray for myself, she is my prayer warrior.
When I am confused, she is my understanding.
Her smile and laughter brighten my darkest days.
When I am lost in the crowd and do not know who to follow,
she stands out and becomes my leader.
When I do not know what to do, she is my example.
When I am hurting, she consoles me.
When I am in trouble, she is my discipline.
When I am lonely, she is my BEST FRIEND!

Though you may say, “It is impossible to have an angel for a mother”,
I am telling you that it is true!
If you look closely, you will see her wings and her halo.
You see, only an angel for a mother could do all of these wonderful things!

For my Mother
Mother’s Day
May 9, 2004

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