Return to Jesus

To the weak and wounded warriors
Who feel like giving up the fight,
For the worshippers who’ve lost their praise
In hopeless sleepless nights,
For the ones whose hearts are cold,
You come to church to sit and stare.
Your heart has gone astray
And you’ve given up on prayer.

Return to Jesus.
His arms are open wide.
He’s waiting on you today.
He wants to heal your broken life.
Return to Jesus.

Have you lost someone you love
And it’s left you cold inside?
Have your friends all walked away
And now with bitterness you cry?
The dreams you once believed in
Are now shattered at your feet.
You’ve lost your trust in Jesus
And you’ve given in to defeat.

Return to Jesus.
He’ll wrap His arms around you.
Don’t run away from His love.
Just lift your head and look up.
Return to Jesus.

1 thought on “Return to Jesus”

  1. A beautiful, insightful and timeless poem. The author writes from an understanding living in the trenches of life. The battle is a spiritual one.
    Make no mistake, it is not about republicans or democrats or libertarians, it is not about rich or poor or middle class, educated or uneducated, haves and have nots; there’s hate and disparaging rhetoric flying from all directions.

    It is a gift, a place of peace, dwelling, and abiding with joy, to spend time in Jesus’ sacred presence.


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