On Every Side

There are times when life doesn’t seem to be its best. Everywhere that you turn there’s disappointment and distress. The adversary’s fighting. He says, “You’ll never win.” The oppression is so heavy, you feel like giving in. Let me remind you The battle may be raging on every side, but the Lord will be right there. Your every need He will supply. Don’t give up on Jesus and never let go; even though you’re afraid and you’ve lost your hope. When the battle is raging On every side. The Lord already promised He will be there for you. If you keep on believing He will see you through. Don’t even consider giving up on The Lord. Be steadfast in praying and all you’ve lost will be restored. Now if you’re discouraged and you feel you can’t go on, endure until the morning. That’s when the joy will come. Then you … Read more

Behind the Scenes

I really enjoy seeing plays. Whether it is a Broadway show or amateur acting, live theatre is one of my guilty pleasures. There is something about a story coming to life on stage that I love! In professional shows,  I love the costumes and watching the actors/actresses sing and dance their way through a storyline. It amazes me that they are flawless in their performances. In Broadway shows, the live orchestras are incredible! Their productions are impeccable. The way the music resonates through the audience is exhilarating. The musicians are in perfect sync, setting the tone for the storyline. The orchestra enhances the mood of the performance and creates excitement, drama, and suspense. Without the music, the plays would be more dull than exhilarating. As members of the audience, our job is to sit back and enjoy the show. What we don’t see is what’s happening in the background. What … Read more

Enjoy the Moment

Are you an, “Oh I hate Mondays.” and “It’s finally Friday!” kind of person? For you Monday signifies the beginning of a long week at work and Friday means the weekend has arrived and you are free to do whatever your heart desires. I’m not really that kind of person. I do love my job(s) and I enjoy being with my work friends. Don’t get me wrong, there are some days that are long and grueling to the point where I am ready to be off of work and home relaxing. Sometimes those days happen all week long. By the end of my shift, I am ready to go. Looking for the next weekend or the next season can be exhausting. It is important to sit back and enjoy where you are at the moment. Instead of saying, “Ugh! It’s Monday. I have to go to work” (said with an … Read more

Faith in the Darkness

“To trust God in the light is nothing, but to trust Him in the dark – that is faith.”    – C.H. Spurgeon Since I was a child I have heard people say, “Faith is believing what you cannot see”, but I like Rev. Spurgeon’s description better. If your life has always been full of light, you may disagree with me. Once you experience true darkness, you may change your mind. I know that doesn’t sound beautiful, but remember we are here to talk about real life. In real life, it cannot be light all of the time. Just as sure as the sun rises and sets, darkness will come. When it does, what will happen to your faith? On Easter of 2016, I stood in the breakfast area of my home talking to my mother. I remember smiling ear to ear and declaring, “I am so happy! I am truly … Read more

My Mother is an Angel

My mother is an angel! Some may say that this is impossible, but I know that it is true. Now, let me tell you how I know. When I am sad, she knows exactly how to make me happy. When I cry, she wipes my tears away. She is the ear that hears my every word, and from her mouth comes great words of wisdom. When I am down, she speaks encouragement. When I am lost, she is my guide. When I am sick, she is my nurse. She is the one I lean on when I do not have the strength to stand alone, and when I become too weak to stand, her arms extend to hold me. She is my cheerleader when I cannot seem to go on, and my counselor when I need answers. When I cannot pray for myself, she is my prayer warrior. When I … Read more

You Can!

You are amazing! You are smart! You are a winner! You can succeed! You can do it! Have you heard the story of David and Goliath? It is a popular Bible story that we learn as children about how a little shepherd boy defeated a giant with a slingshot and a stone. We love to tell about this astounding victory, but we do not always talk about the events leading up to it. I find the adversity that David overcame on his way to the battlefield to be just as essential to the story as the defeat of the giant. If David would not have gotten past the negative comments that tried to discourage him, he would have never made it to the battlefield to face Goliath. Let’s take a look at the scenes prior to the victory. Scene One: David’s father sent him on a mission to bring food to his … Read more

The Color Green

Last year, when my oldest niece was three years old, I asked her parents if I could pick her up and bring her to Louisiana to visit friends and family. Once they agreed, I drove a few hours out of the way to pick her up. Oh, the things you do to spend time with the little loves in your life! We had about a 5-hour drive from her home to my aunt’s house in Louisiana. You know, children usually become restless, but she is a great traveler. I loved spending those hours with her, having special conversations together. One such conversation went something like this: Me:    What is your favorite color? AL:      What is your favorite color, Aunt Katelyn? Me:     You tell me yours first because you will copy me. AL:      No, I won’t. What is yours? Me:    No, you will copy me. What is your … Read more

The Top Shelf

If you ask me how tall I am, I will always answer, “I’m 5’2 ½.” I can guarantee you that I will not forget to add that ½ inch. Being short comes with its challenges. My sister-in-law likes to pick on me because along with my short stature, I also have short arms. (I call them T. Rex arms.) She is always willing to offer her assistance when I need to get something that is out of my reach. It is an ongoing joke between the two of us. I have a stool that I use at home when I need to reach something on the top shelf. Now, when I am away from home things can get tricky. Let’s take a walk down the grocery store aisle. The produce and meat departments are generally not a problem for me. Most of those items are lower than the average eye level; … Read more

Post Marathon Recovery

Have you recently experienced a situation that has left you feeling like you just completed a marathon? Do you feel like you need time to recover, but you are not sure where to begin? “Life happens.” This is a short phrase that we hear all of the time concerning situations that we are faced with head-on. Two years ago I was faced with a “post-marathon” experience. Within a 6 week period of time, I lost my mother – suddenly, my refrigerator/freezer quit working, my washing machine went kaput, and my dryer no longer produced heat to dry my laundry. Then, within a few more months my stove had to be replaced! That’s a lot in a short amount of time. Trying to deal with the death of a loved one while continuing on with life (working full time, housekeeping, being faithful to church, maintaining relationships) has been a challenge in … Read more

Thou Art with Me

Psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.   This chapter begins with a beautiful description of “green pastures” and “still waters.”  As a visual person, reading this makes me envision what these descriptions must have looked like. My … Read more